May I be kept in harmony with Your will.

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Verse of the Day

How joyful are those who fear the Lord all who follow his ways! Psalms 128:1 (NLT)


Heavenly Father, EL SHADDAI, The Mighty One of Jacob, thank You that the scripture reminds us that Godly fear brings joy to one’s life because it is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge that keeps me from sin. Thank You for Your promise in Psalm 128:1, that all those who fear the Lord and walk in His ways will be blessed. Thank You for loving and accepting me today. I choose to do what is right and honor You with my attitude, words, and actions. Holy Spirit, show me if there is any area that isn’t pleasing to You and help me live as an example of Your goodness all the days of my life.

Father in heaven,  thank You for Your Word that is living and active and growing in my life. I submit myself to You today and ask You to teach me Your ways. Give me insight into Your Word so that I may know You more . Help me to grow and mature and develop into Your image.

Dear Lord, give me your strength to stand for your Truth no matter what the cost. It is easy to call myself a follower of Jesus, but when confronted, when challenged, when faced with persecution, will I still say I am a follower of Jesus!!! I love you Lord and ask for your strength so no matter what I have to endure for my faith, I will stand firm. Make me brave that I may be courageous in affliction, and not be dismayed over humiliations and disappointments. May I be kept in harmony with your will.Through the grace of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Bible Promise of the Day

I hear your voice when you call to Me in the morning. God Promises he hears us when we call

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up. – (Psalm 5:3)

Prayer Quote of the day

We look upon prayer as a means of getting things for ourselves; The Bible idea of prayer is that we may get to know God Himself.

Author: Oswald Chambers

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